Titles for Scottish and Gaelic airs and (and a little bit of Irish) are listed alphabetically in this section of the Sheet Music Catalogue with links to audio samples and to the sheet music store where items can be viewed and purchased. 

ref. 228     audio sample     store     A Phiùthrag 's A Phiuthar (Little Sister, Little Sister)

ref. 152     audio sample     store     A Rìbhin Òg Bheil Cuimhn' Agad  (Fair Maiden, Do You Remember)  

ref. 168     audio sample     store     A Rosebud By My Early Walk

ref. 203     audio sample     store     A' Fàgail Barraigh (Leaving Barra)  

ref. 231     audio sample     store     Ae Fond Kiss

ref. 482     audio sample     store     Agnes Waltz

ref. 505     audio sample     store     Aileen    

ref. 204     audio sample     store     Air Fail A Lail O 

ref. 172     audio sample     store     An Còinneachan  (Fairy Lullaby)

ref. 548     audio sample     store     And Ye Shall Walk In Silk Attire

ref. 137     audio sample     store     An Eala Bhàn  (The White Swan)

ref. 129     audio sample     store     An Gille Dubh Ciar Dubh  (My Dark-Haired Lad)

ref. 161     audio sample     store     An t-Eilean Muileach  (The Isle Of Mull)

ref. 153     audio sample     store     An t-Seann Dachaigh  (The Old Home)

ref. 202     audio sample     store     An Tèid Thu Leam Air Bhàrr Nan Tonnan (Will You Come With Me Across The Sea)

ref. 192     audio sample     store     Annie Laurie 

ref. 603     audio sample     store     Ar Éirinn Ní Neosfainn Cé Hí (For Ireland I Would Not Tell Her Name)

ref. 238     audio sample     store     Auld Hoose, The

ref. 326     audio sample     store     Auld Lang Syne

ref. 491     audio sample     store     Auld Robin Gray     

ref. 187     audio sample     store     Auld Scots Sangs, The

ref. 276     audio sample     store     Ba Mo Leanabh  (Hush,My Little Baby)

ref. 170     audio sample     store     Banks O' The Dee, The 

ref. 241     audio sample     store     Bluebells Of Scotland, The  

ref. 102     audio sample     store     Boatman, The  (Fear a' Bhàta)    

ref. 224     audio sample     store     Bonnie Galloway

ref. 556     audio sample     store     Bonnie Jeannie Gray

ref. 529     audio sample     store     Bonnie Lass O' Ballochmyle, The

ref. 291     audio sample     store     Bonnie Strathyre

ref. 524     audio sample     store     Bonnie Wee Thing

ref. 208     audio sample     store     Bonnie Wells O' Wearie, The

ref. 532     audio sample     store     Broom O' Cowdenknowes, The

ref. 193     audio sample     store     Ca' The Yewes

ref. 411     audio sample     store     Cailin 'n Fhuilt Bhàin  (The Fair-Haired Girl

ref. 108     audio sample     store     Cailin Mo Rùin-Sa  (Dearest My Own One)

ref. 489     audio sample     store     Caller Herrin'   

ref. 410     audio sample     store     Càrlabhagh  (Carloway)

ref. 510     audio sample     store     Charlie Is My Darling

ref. 248     audio sample     store     Cliabh Dineag (Dineag's Creel)

ref. 113     audio sample     store     Coill' An Fhasaich (Remembering Waternish)

ref. 398     audio sample     store     Come By The Hills

ref. 150     audio sample     store     Come O'er The Stream Charlie   

ref. 240     audio sample     store     Comin' Thro' The Rye

ref. 456     audio sample     store     Crodh Chailein (Colin's Cattle)

ref. 621     audio sample     store     Crookit Bawbee, The   

ref. 105     audio sample     store     Crovan's Galley  (Birlinn Ghoraidh Chrobhain)

ref. 215     audio sample     store     Cuckoo, The 

ref. 294     audio sample     store     Dancing in Kyle, The

ref. 609     audio sample     store     Dark Island, The 

ref. 177     audio sample     store     Dark Lochnagar  

ref. 194     audio sample     store     Dream Angus

ref. 243     audio sample     store     Dreams Of Kintail

ref. 157     audio sample     store     Eriskay Love Lilt  (Bheir Mi O)

ref. 154     audio sample     store     Fail Ò Rò Mar Dh'fhàg Sinn  (Fail O Ro, How We Departed)  

ref. 409     audio sample     store     Fàilte do dh' Eilean Leódhais (Welcome to the Isle of Lewis

ref. 220     audio sample     store     Far An Robh Mi'n Raoir  (Where I Was Last Night

ref. 212     audio sample     store     Farewell To Fiunary (Slàn Le Fionnairaigh)

ref. 255     audio sample     store     Farewell To Lochaber 

ref. 181     audio sample     store     Farewell To Skye  (Soraidh Leis An Àit')

ref. 252     audio sample     store     Farewell To Tarwathie  

ref. 512     audio sample     store     Flora MacDonald's Lament

ref. 253     audio sample     store     Flow Gently Sweet Afton

ref. 624     audio sample     store     Flower Of Scotland

ref. 492     audio sample     store     Flowers Of The Forest, The

ref. 120     audio sample     store     Fo Ghruaimean Cha Bhi Mi'n Diuch  (I Won't Be Sad Today)

ref. 116     audio sample     store     Fower Maries, The

ref. 216     audio sample     store     Galley Of Lorne, The

ref. 246     audio sample     store     Geallach Abuchaidh An Eòrna  (The Moon That Ripens The Wheat)

ref. 249     audio sample     store     Gradh Na H-Òige  (The Young Lad)

ref. 594     audio sample     store     Grannie's Heilan' Hame

ref. 111     audio sample     store     Griogal Cridhe (Beloved Gregor

ref. 119     audio sample     store     Gruagach Dhonn Bhrunail (The Brown-Haired Lass From Brunel

ref. 209     audio sample     store     Haste Ye Back

ref. 144     audio sample     store     Heather Island  (Eilean Fraoich)

ref. 244     audio sample     store     Hector The Hero 

ref. 136     audio sample     store     Heilan' Air

ref. 235     audio sample     store     Highland Cradle Song

ref. 391     audio sample     store     HLI (Highland Light Infantry)   

ref. 140     audio sample     store     Hug Òreann ò rò Gur Toigh Leam Fhìn Thù (Hug Oreann o ro You are Dear To Me)

ref. 195     audio sample     store     Huntingtower

ref. 488     audio sample     store     I Belong To Glasgow

ref. 560     audio sample     store     Inverness Waltz

ref. 190     audio sample     store     Iolaire Suil na Greine (The Eagle With The Yellow-Green Eyes)

ref. 160     audio sample     store     Iona Boat Song, The  (Caol Muile

ref. 292     audio sample     store     Isle Of Coll, The (Eilean Cholla)

ref. 483     audio sample     store     Jacqueline Waltz   

ref. 147     audio sample     store     Jessie, The Flower O' Dunblane

ref. 225     audio sample     store     Jock O' Hazeldean

ref. 486     audio sample     store     John Anderson, My Jo

ref. 115     audio sample     store     Kirkconnel Lea

ref. 103     audio sample     store     Kishmul's Galley

ref. 227     audio sample     store     Lady Ann Bothwell's Lament   

ref. 184     audio sample     store     Laird O' Cockpen, The    

ref. 223     audio sample     store     Lass O' Lowrie, The

ref. 559     audio sample     store     Lassie Wi' The Lint-White Locks   

ref. 399     audio sample     store     Lassie Wi' The Yellow Coatie  

ref. 145     audio sample     store     Leaving Lismore  (Fàgail Lios Mhòr)   

ref. 125     audio sample     store     Leaving Stornoway (Fàghail Steòrnabhagh)

ref. 112     audio sample     store     Leis An Lurgainn  (With The Lurgainn)

ref. 520     audio sample     store     Lights Of Lochindaal, The 

ref. 143     audio sample     store     Loch Leven  (Mo Ghleannan Taobh Loch Lìobhainn)   

ref. 239     audio sample     store     Loch Lomond 

ref. 179     audio sample     store     Loch Rannoch

ref. 124     audio sample     store     Loch Tay Boat Song, The

ref. 186     audio sample     store     Logie O' Buchan

ref. 475     audio sample     store     Lovely Stornoway

ref. 538     audio sample     store     MacGregor's Gathering, The

ref. 640     audio sample     store     MacPherson's Lament   

ref. 173     audio sample     store     Màiri Bhàn Òg  (Mary, Young And Fair)    

ref. 206     audio sample     store     Mary Of Argyll

ref. 569     audio sample     store     Mary Of Castlecary

ref. 217     audio sample     store     Massacre Of Glencoe, The (Mort Ghlinne-Comhainn

ref. 213     audio sample     store     Mingulay Boat Song  

ref. 211     audio sample     store     Mist-Covered Mountains Of Home, The  (Chì Mi Na Mòrbheanna)   

ref. 199     audio sample     store     Mo Chailin Dìleas Donn (My Faithful, Brown-Haired Lass)   

ref. 135     audio sample     store     Mo Dhachaigh  (My Home)  

ref. 230     audio sample     store     Mo Ghile Mear (My Gallant Darling) 

ref. 605     audio sample     store     Mo Mhàthair (My Mother)

ref. 121     audio sample     store     Mo Nighean Donn Nam Meall-Shùilean (My Brown-Haired Lass With The Beguiling    

ref. 128     audio sample     store     Mo Run Geal Og (My Fair Young Love)

ref. 180     audio sample     store     Morag Of Dunvegan  (Mòrag a Dùnbheagain)     

ref. 159     audio sample     store     Muile Nam Mòr-Bheann  (Mull Of The High Mountains)   

ref. 109     audio sample     store     Mull Of The Cool High Bens  (Muile nam Fuar-bheann Mòr)

ref. 565     audio sample     store     My Ain Fireside

ref. 251     audio sample     store     My Dear And Only Love   

ref. 198     audio sample     store     My Fair One   

ref. 131     audio sample     store     My Love Is Like A Red, Red Rose

ref. 500     audio sample     store     My Nannie O    

ref. 232     audio sample     store     My Nannie's Awa' 

ref. 164     audio sample     store     Nameless Lassie, The   

ref. 122     audio sample     store     Nan Ceadaicheadh An Tide Dhomh  (If Time Would Permit Me)

ref. 156     audio sample     store     Niel Gow's Lament For The Death Of His Second Wife

ref. 597     audio sample     store     Nighean Donn Mo Ribhinn Òg (My Sweet Auburn-haired Lass)

ref. 622     audio sample     store     Northern Lights Of Old Aberdeen, The

ref. 592     audio sample     store     O 's Tu 's Gura Tu Th' Air M' Aire (You Are Always On My Mind)

ref. 163     audio sample     store     O' Gin I Were A Baron's Heir

ref. 169     audio sample     store     O'er The Water To Charlie

ref. 189     audio sample     store     Oran Chaluim Sgaire (Calum Sgaire's Song)

ref. 221     audio sample     store     Òran Na Maighdinn-mhara (Song Of The Mermaid)

ref. 619     audio sample     store     Piper's Waltz, The    

ref. 236     audio sample     store     Piper's Weird, The  

ref. 185     audio sample     store     Queen Mary, Queen Mary     

ref. 126     audio sample     store     Rhu Vaternish  (Fàilte Rubha Bhaternis) 

ref. 620     audio sample     store     Road And The Miles To Dundee, The

ref. 552     audio sample     store     Roamin' In The Gloamin' 

ref. 434     audio sample     store     Robert Muir's Farewell

ref. 537     audio sample     store     Robin Adair   

ref. 485     audio sample     store     Rose Of Allendale, The

ref. 514     audio sample     store     Roslin Castle

ref. 207     audio sample     store     Rothesay Bay

ref. 197     audio sample     store     Row Me Home to Islay 

ref. 133     audio sample     store     Rowan Tree, The 

ref. 408     audio sample     store     'S e Siabost is Bòidhche Leam  (My Beautiful Shawbost)

ref. 461     audio sample     store     Sands Of Kuwait 

ref. 632     audio sample     store     Scots Wha Hae

ref. 256     audio sample     store     Sheiling Maids  (Maighdeanan na h-Airidh)

ref. 142     audio sample     store     Sìne Bhàn  (Bonnie Jean)   

ref. 182     audio sample     store     Skye Boat Song, The 

ref. 610     audio sample     store     Skye Is My Home     

ref. 117     audio sample     store     Sound The Pibroch

ref. 107     audio sample     store     South Uist Whaling Song  (‘S Truagh Nach do Dh’fhuirich mi Tioram air Tir

ref. 104     audio sample     store     Surge Of The Sea, The (An Ataireachd Àrd)

ref. 553     audio sample     store     Tak Your Auld Cloak Aboot Ye

ref. 545     audio sample     store     Tam Glen  

ref. 293     audio sample     store     Teann A-Nall

ref. 257     audio sample     store     Tha Mo Ghaol A 'Cadal  (My Love Is Sleeping)

ref. 139     audio sample     store     Tha Mo Ghaol Air Àird A’ Chuain (My Love Is On The High Seas

ref. 612     audio sample     store     Theid Mi Dhachaidh 'Chro Chinn T-Saile (I Will Return To Kintail)

ref. 165     audio sample     store     There Grows A Bonnie Briar Bush

ref. 593     audio sample     store     These Are My Mountains

ref. 534     audio sample     store     Thou Bonnie Wood O' Craigielea

ref. 201     audio sample     store     Thug Mi Gaol Do'n Fhear Bhàn (I Gave My Love To The Fair One)

ref. 247     audio sample     store     Tiugainn Do Scalpaigh (Let's Go To Scalpay)

ref. 219     audio sample     store     Tuireadh Iain Ruaidh (Lament For Red Iain)

ref. 608     audio sample     store     Uibhist, Mo Gradh (Uist, My Love)  

ref. 496     audio sample     store     Wandering Willie 

ref. 176     audio sample     store     Waters Of Kylesku, The 

ref. 175     audio sample     store     Westering Home

ref. 509     audio sample     store     When The Kye Come Hame

ref. 132     audio sample     store     Wild Mountain Thyme 

ref. 234     audio sample     store     Wild Rose Of The Mountain, The

ref. 149     audio sample     store     Will Ye Gang Tae Kelvin Grove   

ref. 166     audio sample     store     Will Ye No Come Back Again 

ref. 566     audio sample     store     Woods O' Dunmore, The

ref. 148     audio sample     store     Ye Banks And Braes

ref. 521     audio sample     store     Yellow-Haired Laddie, The


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