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     As a musical genre, the march has a strong regular rhythm which in origin was expressly written for marching to and most frequently performed by a military band.

     There are varieties of military march defined by the marching tempo.  Examples are the 'quick march', the 'slow march', the 'half step march', the 'double march', and the 'easy march'. Military marches can be in 2/4, 4/4, 6/8 and 9/8 times. The 'retreat march' is in 9/8 time and has nothing to do with the battlefield. It is the 9/8 metre of this march that is used to mark the end of the military day. Known as 'beating the retreat', this was originally initiated at sunset by the firing of a single round from the evening gun. Examples of the varied use elsewhere of the march can be found in Beethoven's Eroica Symphony, in the Marches Militaires of Franz Schubert, in the Marche funèbre in Chopin's Sonata in B flat minor, and in the Dead March in Handel's Saul.  Such scores are termed concert marches.

ref. 507     audio sample     store     A Man's A Man For A' That

ref. 259     audio sample     store     Atholl Highlanders, The

ref. 402     audio sample     store     Balkan Hills, The

ref. 425     audio sample     store     Balmoral Highlanders, The

ref. 464     audio sample     store     Banks Of Allan Water, The 

ref. 403     audio sample     store     Battle Of The Somme, The

ref. 454     audio sample     store     Battle's O'er, The

ref. 551     audio sample     store     Black Water, The 

ref. 277     audio sample     store     Bloody Fields Of Flanders, The

ref. 267     audio sample     store     Braemar Gathering, The

ref. 406     audio sample     store     Bratach Bana

ref. 526     audio sample     store     Braw Braw Lads

ref. 289     audio sample     store     Cabarfeidh

ref. 423     audio sample     store     Campbell's Farewell To Redcastle

ref. 339     audio sample     store     Cock O' The North, The  

ref. 263     audio sample     store     Conundrum, The

ref. 352     audio sample     store     Crossing The Minch  

ref. 264     audio sample     store     Donald MacLean's Farewell To Oban

ref. 475     audio sample     store     Doon In The Wee Room 

ref. 429     audio sample     store     Dovecote Park

ref. 430     audio sample     store     Dream Valley Of Glendaruel, The

ref. 290     audio sample     store     Echoes Of Oban

ref. 258     audio sample     store     Garden Of Skye, The

ref. 400     audio sample     store     Glen Caladh Castle

ref. 474     audio sample     store     Glendaruel Highlanders 

ref. 328     audio sample     store     Highland Laddie

ref. 625     audio sample     store     Highland Cathedral

ref. 471     audio sample     store     Highland Wedding, The

ref. 433     audio sample     store     High Road To Dundee, The

ref. 450     audio sample     store     Hills Of Alva, The

ref. 517     audio sample     store     In The Garb Of Old Gaul

ref. 401     audio sample     store     Irene Meldrum's Welcome To Bon Accord

ref. 613     audio sample     store     John MacDonald Of Glencoe

ref. 260     audio sample     store     John MacMillan Of Barra

ref. 595     audio sample     store     Killiecrankie  

ref. 275     audio sample     store     Lewis And Harris Gathering, The  

ref. 262     audio sample     store     Lochanside

ref. 549     audio sample     store     Loch Maree Islands

ref. 628     audio sample     store     Loch Ruan   

ref. 274     audio sample     store     Lord Of The Glens

ref. 330     audio sample     store     Lt. Col. D. J. S. Murray 

ref. 504     audio sample     store     Maggie Lauder

ref. 325     audio sample     store     Mairi's Wedding   

ref. 273     audio sample     store     Mrs. H. L. MacDonald Of Dunach

ref. 508     audio sample     store     Of A' The Airts The Wind Can Blaw 

ref. 272     audio sample     store     P.M. Donald MacLean Of Lewis  

ref. 268     audio sample     store     Peat Fire Flame, The  

ref. 261     audio sample     store     Pibroch O' Donuil Dhu

ref. 484     audio sample     store     Rose Of Allendale, The

ref. 596     audio sample     store     Roses Of Prince Charlie

ref. 448     audio sample     store     Sands Of Loch Bee, The   

ref. 327     audio sample     store     Scotland The Brave

ref. 488     audio sample     store     Scots Wha Hae

ref. 420     audio sample     store     Seige Of Delhi, The

ref. 271     audio sample     store     Standing Stones

ref. 617     audio sample     store     Sweet Maid Of Glendaruel

ref. 611     audio sample     store     Sweet Maid Of Mull

ref. 487     audio sample     store     Tartan, The

ref. 269     audio sample     store     Thistle Of Scotland, The

ref. 266     audio sample     store     Tug Argan Gap

ref. 476     audio sample     store     Wade's Welcome To Inverness 

ref. 498     audio sample     store     Wae's Me For Prince Charlie

ref. 329     audio sample     store     Walter Douglas MBE

ref. 324     audio sample     store     We're No Awa' Tae Bide Awa'

ref. 265     audio sample     store     Whistle O'er The Lave O't    


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