Titles for slow airs and laments are listed alphabetically in this section of the Sheet Music Catalogue with links to audio samples and to the sheet music store where items can be viewed and purchased.


ref. 228     audio sample     store     A Phiùthrag 's A Phiuthar (Little Sister, Little Sister)

ref. 172     audio sample     store     An Còinneachan  (Fairy Lullaby)

ref. 276     audio sample     store     Ba Mo Leanabh (Hush, My Little Baby)

ref. 456     audio sample     store     Crodh Chailein (Colin's Cattle)

ref. 243     audio sample     store     Dreams Of Kintail

ref. 255     audio sample     store     Farewell To Lochaber (Cha Till Mor Mo Bhean)

ref. 111     audio sample     store     Griogal Cridhe  (Beloved Gregor)

ref. 244     audio sample     store     Hector The Hero

ref. 235     audio sample     store     Highland Cradle Song, The  

ref. 190     audio sample     store     Iolaire Sul Na Greine (The Eagle With The Yellow-Green Eyes)

ref. 227     audio sample     store     Lady Ann Bothwell's Lament

ref. 128     audio sample     store     Mo Run Geal Og (My Fair Young Love)

ref. 156     audio sample     store     Neil Gow's Lament For The Death Of His Second Wife

ref. 189     audio sample     store     Oran Chaluim Sgaire (Calum Sgaire's Song)

ref. 197     audio sample     store     Row Me Home To Islay

ref. 461     audio sample     store     Sands Of Kuwait, The

ref. 257     audio sample     store     Tha Mo Ghaol A 'Cadal  (My Love Is Sleeping)

ref. 139     audio sample     store     Tha Mo Ghaol Air Àird A’ Chuain (My Love Is On The High Seas)

ref. 201     audio sample     store     Thug Mi Gaol Do'n Fhear Bhan (I Gave My Love To The Fair One)

ref. 219     audio sample     store     Tuireadh Iain Ruaidh (Lament For Red Iain)


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