11 February 2020
50+ Free Ceilidh Dance Sessions

     All best wishes to Susan for a speedy return to Ceilidh Dancing after straining her ankle at the weekend… nothing to do with dancing, I understand.  

     It was good to have enough folk along today to introduce the Strip The Willow.  But first, after the warm-up, we revisited the Military Two Step“Heel, toe, heel toe”… you know the one.  And then another opportunity to have a go with a Pride of Erin.

     So, the Strip The Willow was the new dance this session, with Jennifer explaining how to avoid serious injury while dancing it, given the circumstances that often present at Ceilidh Dances, namely, young men and the intoxicating effects of alcohol and fast music!  I’m pleased to report that no-one was injured today and all completed the cool-down exercise as we ran slightly over time.

     See the links page for dance instructions and videos.

Diary Notice  One more session in February, on the 25th,  and then March dates are the 10th and 24th.

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